GRC Health

Disabling pain can represent physical, psychological, vocational and other losses. Traditionally, when pain occurs we will seek the attention of a physician. The acute pain is treated, however, over time, the pain may worsen because of a number of factors which may include: no job to return to, loss of income, stress with family and others, inactivity and de-conditioning. In time, the initial prescription to decrease the pain is no longer treating the real problem.


GRC Health is an interdisciplinary approach to treatment that brings together many disciplines that include: medical specialists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, vocational counselors, psychologists, pharmacists, specialists in addiction medicine and others that are quintessential in the rehabilitation process. Providing these specialists to patients in a timely manner greatly reduces the risk that all patients face, which is short and long-term disability and chronic pain syndrome.


Our success is measured on patient’s improved physical and/or psychological health as well as decreased dependence on medications.  It is also measured on their ability to return to work as well as other vocational activities. A strong aftercare program is implemented in order to ensure these progresses are obtained and to keep all specialists informed.  This is done via TeleHealth. Through rapid advancement in technology we are able to link the patients family doctor, specialists, case manager, pharmacist and any other individuals involved in the healing process via video conferencing.  By having the whole team able to communicate helps to overcome boundaries such as loss of communication, lengthy treatment, and prolonged disability.