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                                                           About Us

In 1993 Gross Rehabilitation Center incorporated TeleHealth into the chronic pain and medication management program.  The cost of technology limited widespread use.  In 2010, Dr Gross returned from New Zealand where he served as Sr. Clinical Director for the Rehabilitation Center; Otago District Health Board.

WorkSafeBC established a new unit aimed at assisting complex illness and Dr. Gross Consulted in the development of clinical services.  In 2010 came to an agreement to develop TeleHealth services for WorkSafe BC.  This service expanded to other communities including First Nation Communities in Northern Alberta. Technology improved with a significant reduction in cost.

In 2014, Dr. Gross adopted a new system resulting in convenience, accessibility to all those through cell signal and or internet.  By using Vidyo, current services includes servicing International Students where colleges and universities lack healthcare services, athletes injured on the field or court where emergency services are required, in cases of mental health  illness, stress, anxiety and acute emergencies.

In a pilot with WSBC early discharge from hospital, community based rehabilitation and active treatment of wounds, ulcers and other conditions have reduced health care costs within many healthcare systems.

Today GRC Health provides comprehensive programs for complex patients, specialists care where needed to rural, remote regions, International services to countries lacking resources an third parties trying to contain costs along with healthcare authorities.