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For many communities, the nearest hospital, doctor or nurse may be hundreds of kilometers away. In many cases, this gap can be bridged using TeleHealth - technology that allows patients, nurses and doctors to talk as if they were in the same room. TeleHealth is a partnership. It is not just about technology and information. It is about people working together toward a common vision: the timely and appropriate access to essential health care and information, regardless of location.

For patients, TeleHealth means:

Less time away from home

Less time away from work

Fewer travel-related expenses such as gasoline, meals and overnight stays

Care in your own community where you feel more comfortable and your family and medical staff who know you best are close at hand

Local access to a far greater number of specialists

Faster response times for medical tests and consultations between your care provider and outside specialists

The ability to participate in face-to-face conversations with a specialist and your care provider at the same time.

For communities, TeleHealth means:


Improved health care quality, through the ability to access specialists when they’re needed


Greater control to select and access the health care services needed

Wider and timelier access to appropriate health information and training opportunities to develop the technical expertise of local health care providers


For health care providers, TeleHealth means:


Improved peer-to-peer communication among health care providers in remote areas

Better professional support, greatly reducing stress and improving career satisfaction, recruitment and retention


Continuing education and training, through videoconferencing and secure professional web portals


Better integration of community and provincial health care systems, enabling seamless delivery of services